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Post and Rail Fencing Company Near Carrollton, TX

As a leading fencing company in Carrollton, TX, we specialize in installing beautiful and durable post and rail fences for residential and commercial properties.

Post and rail fencing consists of sturdy wooden posts connected by two or more horizontal wood rails, creating a classic, timeless look perfect for any landscape.

Unlike chain link or privacy fences that fully obstruct views, post and rail fences allow for open visibility while still marking boundary lines and providing security.

The spaced-out rails evoke a relaxed, countryside feel while complementing landscapes and architecture.

With customized design options like arched rails, mixed wood types, caps and trim, and decorative post tops, our team can build you a one-of-a-kind post and rail fence tailored to your unique style and needs.

With over 10 years of fence construction experience, our Carrollton fence contractors have mastered the art of properly installing post and rail fences to withstand the test of time.

We strategically space and sink the posts, selecting the optimal wood types and diameters based on your fence height and terrain.

The rails are then precisely cut and attached using sturdy metal brackets to create a cohesive, balanced look.

As a result, our fences remain straight, properly aligned, and structurally sound for decades of superb performance.

Process We Follow for Post and Rail Fencing

At our fencing company in Carrollton, TX, we take great care to properly install your new post and rail fence using tried-and-true construction methods. Below is an overview of our step-by-step process:

Planning and Design

The first step when installing a new post and rail fence is careful planning and design. Our team will:

  • Visit your property for an in-person consultation to understand your needs
  • Take precise measurements of the project area
  • Discuss design factors like fence height, post and rail materials, decorative elements, gates, and corners
  • Review permit requirements for your municipality
  • Provide a computer-generated design so you can visualize the finished fence

With your approved design in hand, we’ll develop an itemized materials list and provide a final quote with estimated project timeline.

Installing the Fence Posts

Once the design is finalized, our crew will return on your scheduled install date to begin setting the posts.

We use equipment like augers and post hole diggers to excavate each hole to the proper depth and width based on your soil type and fence height. For example, a 4 foot fence requires posts sunk 2 feet into the ground.

Pressure-treated lumber is usually recommended for longevity, but we also offer posts made of durable woods like cedar. We space the posts equidistant from each other based on the fencing material; post and rail fences require posts every 6-8 feet.

We check each post for plumb and vertical alignment as we install them and brace them until the rails are attached.

Attaching the Rails

With the fence posts erected, we’re ready to install the horizontal rails. We use rot-resistant lumber that complements the posts; oak, cedar, and pine rails are popular choices. Depending on the design, post and rail fences typically have 2-4 rails spaced evenly apart down each post.

Each rail is cut to precision length and attached using sturdy metal post/rail connectors. This creates a tight, wobble-free fit. We also use fasteners like screws or nails for added strength.

For decorative flair, rails can be routed, sanded, arched, or accented with trim. Once all rails are properly secured, the fence structure takes shape.

Completing the Fence Installation

After the structural framework is complete, there are a few finishing touches our pros address:

  • Clear debris from the worksite and dispose of materials
  • Backfill and tamp soil around posts for increased stability
  • Seal any wood surfaces and install caps for weather protection
  • Hang gates and adjust hardware for smooth opening/closing
  • Touch up fence with stain or sealer (if applicable)

Once finished, we’ll walk the property with you to ensure you’re fully satisfied and answer any questions about caring for your new post and rail fence. Enjoy your beautiful backyard accent for decades to come!

Cost of Post and Rail Fencing in Carrollton, TX

The cost to install a post and rail fence typically ranges from $15 – $30 per linear foot. So for a 200 foot fence, expect to pay $3,000 – $6,000. Factors that affect pricing include:

  • Fence height and number of rails – more rails/height means more materials.
  • Post and rail wood types – decorative/premium woods cost more.
  • Terrain and soil conditions – rocky or wet soil increases install time.
  • Permit fees – some municipalities charge per foot fees.
  • Gate additions – gates add labor and materials costs.
  • Removal of old fence – if replacing an existing fence.

With so many variables, it’s impossible to give an accurate estimate until we assess your specific project. After our site visit, we provide a detailed breakdown of costs so there are no surprises. We also offer flexible payment plans.

As an established local company, our prices are competitive and fair. Yet our foremost priority is building a fence you’ll absolutely love while providing excellent craftsmanship and client service. Contact us today for a free post and rail fence quote!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing customized fences of all styles to meet clients’ desires.


Every fence we create is customized to the property, landscape, and design goals using precise 3D modelling and planning.

Quality Materials

We only source sturdy, weather-resistant materials from trustworthy local suppliers to withstand Texas weather.

Professional Installation

Our professional installation team precisely builds fences on-site to transforming the property as envisioned.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is customer happiness; we provide 5-star service throughout the fencing process.


We offer competitive fencing prices paired with a lifetime workmanship warranty, demonstrating our value.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Carrollton, Texas

FAQs About Post and Rail Fencing in Carrollton, Texas

What are the main benefits of post and rail fences?

Some key benefits include the classic, timeless look, visibility, and versatility with custom designs. The open rails also allow breeze and light through while defining space.

What’s the best wood to use for posts and rails?

Pressure-treated pine is a cost-effective option. For rot-resistance and beauty, cedar and redwood are great choices. Oak and maple offer strength. Talk to our pros about the best woods for your climate and needs.

How far apart should posts be spaced?

For post and rail fences, posts are usually spaced 6-8 feet apart. We dig holes and sink the posts 30-36 inches deep for optimal stability. Proper post spacing prevents sagging.

How long does it take to install a post and rail fence?

The installation process typically takes 3-5 days. The timeline depends on the fence length, crew size, terrain, permits acquired, and other specifics of your unique project.

What kind of maintenance does a post and rail fence require?

Occasional cleaning, sealing, and checking for damage from weather or animals. We provide tips on fence care, repair, and preservation after installation. Proper maintenance greatly extends the fence lifespan.

How do you attach the rails to the posts?

We use sturdy metal post and rail connectors that create a tight, secure fit. Additional fasteners like screws or nails add strength. Proper rail attachment prevents noise and wobbling.

Should I seal or stain my post and rail fence?

Sealing is highly recommended for protection, especially on cedar and redwood. A clear sealant or lightly tinted stain enhances appearance while preventing moisture damage, UV fading, and wood rot over time.

What’s the best way to repair or replace broken posts or rails?

It’s best to have our professionals handle repairs to avoid structural issues. We can replace damaged sections while keeping fence alignment intact. Talk to us about repair options.

Can you add decorative elements like arched rails or lattice?

Absolutely! We offer customized designs with arches, mixed woods, trim, latticework, post caps, and other accents to enhance aesthetics. Just ask our team how we can make your fence unique.

How much does it cost to have you install a post and rail fence?

Pricing averages $15 – $30 per linear foot installed. Fence height, materials, terrain, gates, and other factors affect overall costs. We provide free estimates after assessing your specific project. Contact us today!

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