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Having a reliable and durable fence around your farm or agricultural property is crucial for keeping your livestock, equipment, and crops safe and secure.

As a leading fencing company in Carrollton, TX, our team has extensive experience designing, building, and maintaining all types of fences for farms, ranches, and other agricultural properties in the area.

We understand the unique fencing needs of the agricultural community.

Farm fencing requires sturdier materials and a more heavy-duty construction than residential fencing due to the size of the property and the demands placed on it by livestock and equipment.

Our fencing experts work closely with each customer to customize an agricultural fence solution that provides maximum security, durability, and functionality for their specific needs.

Some key benefits of having us handle your farm or agricultural fencing needs include:

  • Heavy-duty materials designed to withstand animal pressure and farm equipment without fail
  • Custom fencing solutions tailored for cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and other livestock
  • Experienced installation crews who can span miles of fencing quickly and efficiently
  • Ongoing fence maintenance and repair services to extend the life of your fence
  • Expertise with perimeter fencing, paddock fencing, and driveway gates
  • Assistance navigating fence codes and permitting for agricultural properties

With decades of combined experience fencing farms and ranches in Carrollton, TX and the surrounding areas.

Our team has the knowledge and skills to provide you with a fence that not only meets your functional needs, but also enhances the aesthetics and value of your property.

We also stand behind our workmanship and materials with industry-leading warranties.

For agricultural producers who need a sturdy, durable fence that can withstand heavy usage and continue looking nice for years to come, we are the go-to fencing contractor in Carrollton, TX. Call us today for a complimentary on-site evaluation and quote!

Process We Follow for Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Installing the right agricultural fence takes careful planning, material selection, and proper installation techniques. Here is an overview of our process when handling farm and ranch fencing projects:

Site Evaluation and Planning

The first step our team takes is thoroughly evaluating your property to understand your goals for the fence and identify any site-specific considerations. This allows us to come up with the optimal fencing solution for your farm or ranch. Key factors we look at include:

  • Purpose of the fence – Keeping in livestock? Deterring predators? Defining property lines?
  • Length needed
  • Terrain and topography
  • Soil conditions
  • Zoning regulations and permits needed
  • Preferred fence height, materials, and style

After the site evaluation, we provide a detailed project recommendation that outlines the fencing style, placement, materials, and any preliminary site preparation needed. This ensures the new fence addresses your unique needs and property conditions.

Material Selection

Choosing the right fencing materials is critical for durability and longevity. For agricultural fencing, we recommend using heavy-duty materials such as:

  • Wood posts and boards – naturally decay-resistant woods like cedar or pressure-treated posts
  • Livestock panels – heavy welded wire panels for cattle, hog panels for pigs
  • High tensile wire – thick 12-14 gauge wire that can span long distances without sagging
  • Barbed wire – effective for perimeter fencing while deterring animal pressure
  • Vinyl – low maintenance option resistant to rot and insect damage
  • Aluminum – light, corrosion-resistant, and easy to work with
  • Gates and accessories – metal pipe gates, auto gate openers, solar post caps

We help select the best fencing materials for your specific animals, budget, aesthetic preferences and local climate and regulations. This ensures your new fence is built to last.

Professional Installation

Proper installation is just as crucial as using quality materials. Our experienced fencing crews use advanced techniques and equipment to get your new agricultural fence constructed correctly the first time. Key steps include:

  • Surveying and staking the fence line
  • Setting sturdy end, corner and pull posts to properly anchor the fence
  • Digging proper post hole depth based on height and spacing
  • Installing fence line posts using tamping or concrete as needed
  • Unrolling wire, panels, and tensioning materials to required finish specs
  • Securing fasteners, wires, braces and gates firmly in place
  • Leveling and aligning the entire fence for optimal performance
  • Cleaning up the site thoroughly when finished

With deep agricultural fencing experience, our crews have the knowledge and efficiency to complete even the most complex ranch fencing projects on time and on budget.

Ongoing Fence Maintenance

We don’t just install your new agricultural fence and walk away. Our team provides continuing fence maintenance and repairs to maximize its working life. Over time, we can help with:

  • Tightening wires and fasteners that have worked loose
  • Replacing damaged or deteriorating fence posts as needed
  • Straightening posts that have shifted due to soil or animal pressure
  • Clearing brush, vines or other vegetation from the fence
  • Fixing areas damaged by falling limbs during storms
  • Adjusting gates that are sagging or not operating properly
  • Implementing any upgrades or reinforcements to improve fence security

With us as your fencing partner, your livestock fencing, paddock fencing and perimeter fencing will continue containing and protecting your farm for decades to come.

Cost of Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Carrollton, TX

The total cost of your new agricultural fence will depend on several factors, including:

  • Linear footage needed
  • Terrain and site prep work required
  • Materials used
  • Fence height and strength needs
  • Additions like gates, cattle guards, or auto openers

To give you a general idea, here are some typical price ranges:

  • Basic perimeter cattle fencing – $7-$12 per linear foot
  • Full perimeter with barbed wire and wood posts – $15-$25 per linear foot
  • Perimeter with vinyl or aluminum materials – $20-$35 per linear foot

Keep in mind that long spans or properties with uneven terrain, dense vegetation, or very hard soils will fall on the higher end due to the additional time, materials and equipment needed.

Our team provides free on-site quotes so you know exactly what to expect for your unique farm fencing project from start to finish.

We also offer flexible financing options to help make a new agricultural fence accessible within nearly any budget. Our fencing experts work with each customer to maximize value and stay within your desired budget.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing customized fences of all styles to meet clients’ desires.


Every fence we create is customized to the property, landscape, and design goals using precise 3D modelling and planning.

Quality Materials

We only source sturdy, weather-resistant materials from trustworthy local suppliers to withstand Texas weather.

Professional Installation

Our professional installation team precisely builds fences on-site to transforming the property as envisioned.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is customer happiness; we provide 5-star service throughout the fencing process.


We offer competitive fencing prices paired with a lifetime workmanship warranty, demonstrating our value.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Carrollton, Texas

FAQs About Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Carrollton, Texas

What are the most durable materials to use for livestock fencing?

For durability with livestock, we recommend wood, livestock panels, high tensile wire, barbed wire, or vinyl. Wood and vinyl hold up well over time. Panels and high tensile wire provide strength. And barbed wire prevents animals from pressing on the fence.

What height should an agricultural fence be?

Most ranchers and farmers prefer a minimum 4-5 ft fence for cattle and horses. Sheep and goats only need 3-4 ft. Pigs need at least 4 ft high but prefer 5 ft. The exact height depends on the specific animals, property size, and regional regs. Our team will recommend the ideal fence height for your needs.

How much space should there be between fence posts?

Proper fencing post spacing depends on the type of livestock, materials used, and the contour of your land. Some general recommendations are 8-10 ft spacing for cattle, 5-8 ft for horses, and 6-8 ft for sheep, goats and hogs. We space your posts according to best practices for your fence.

Should I use wood or metal for corner and gate posts?

For maximum strength, we recommend using wood posts for corners and gate ends. High-quality pressure-treated wood provides superior anchoring and prevents corner sagging. Metal can bend with animal pressure. We install wood corners and ends for optimal stability.

How long does it take to install an agricultural perimeter fence?

For a typical 1,000 ft perimeter fence, our crews can usually complete the installation in 4-5 days depending on terrain. Larger, multi-mile properties with heavy vegetation or uneven topography may take 1-2 weeks. We work efficiently to get your new fence up as quickly as possible.

Will my new fence be impacting any utilities or rights of way?

Our team always performs underground utility locates and surveys the property lines before starting any fence installation. This prevents accidentally digging into any lines or encroaching onto a neighbor’s land. We handle all permitting and rights of way verification for peace of mind.

How often will my livestock fencing need maintenance?

With proper installation and quality materials, you can expect a maintenance visit every 2-3 years. We’ll check connections, tighten wires, repair posts, and make adjustments to keep your fence functioning optimally. High traffic areas may need more frequent attention.

What is your warranty on new agricultural fence installations?

We stand behind our skilled workmanship and use only the best fencing materials.

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