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Welcome to Fence Company Carrollton TX – Your Trusted Fencing Partner. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction makes us the premier fencing company in your area.

With years of expertise, we offer a wide range of residential, commercial, and specialized fencing services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our Residential Fencing Services in Moore Farm (75007)

Fence Installation

Enhance the curb appeal of your property with our expert fence installation services. Our skilled team ensures precision and durability, transforming your vision into a reality.

Fence Repair

Is your fence showing signs of wear and tear? Trust us for prompt and reliable fence repair services. We assess, repair, and strengthen your fence, ensuring it stands strong against the test of time.

Fence Replacements

Upgrade your property with our seamless fence replacement solutions. Choose from various materials and styles, and let us handle the rest, providing you with a sturdy and aesthetically pleasing fence.

Fence Maintenance

Preserve the beauty and functionality of your fence with our routine fence maintenance services. From inspections to repairs, we keep your fence in top-notch condition throughout the seasons.

Wood Fence Installation

Experience the timeless charm of wood with our expert wood fence installation. From classic picket fences to modern designs, we customize wooden fences to suit your preferences.

Vinyl Fence

For low-maintenance elegance, consider our vinyl fence options. Durable, stylish, and versatile, our vinyl fences offer privacy and security without compromising on aesthetics.

Residential Aluminum Fence

Combine durability and sophistication with our residential aluminum fences. Explore a range of styles and colors to complement your property while enjoying the strength of aluminum.

Gate Installation and Repair

Secure your property with our gate installation and repair services. Whether it’s a decorative entry gate or a sturdy security gate, we ensure seamless operation and long-lasting performance.

Pool Fencing

Ensure safety and compliance with our pool fencing solutions. Our designs not only meet safety standards but also enhance the visual appeal of your pool area.

Privacy Fencing

Create a private oasis with our customized privacy fencing. Choose from various materials, heights, and styles to achieve the perfect balance of seclusion and beauty.

Dog and Pet Fencing

Safeguard your furry friends with our pet-friendly fencing solutions. We design fences that keep pets secure while allowing them to enjoy the outdoors safely.

Ornamental Fencing

Elevate the aesthetics of your property with our ornamental fencing. From intricate designs to classic motifs, our ornamental fences add a touch of sophistication to any landscape.

Decorative Fencing

Make a statement with our decorative fencing options. Combining form and function, our fences enhance the visual appeal of your property while maintaining security.

Our Commercial Fencing Services in Moore Farm (75007)

Security Fencing

Protect your commercial property with our robust security fencing solutions. Our expert team designs and installs fences that deter trespassers and enhance the overall safety of your premises.

Chain-Link Fencing

For a cost-effective and durable fencing solution, consider our chain-link fences. Perfect for securing large areas, our chain-link fences provide visibility without compromising on security.

Electric Fence Installation

Take security to the next level with our electric fence installation services. Our advanced systems provide an extra layer of protection for your commercial property.

Sound Barrier Fencing

Minimize noise disturbances with our sound barrier fencing solutions. Ideal for commercial spaces, our fences create a quieter and more comfortable environment for your business.

Dumpster Enclosures

Maintain a clean and organized property with our dumpster enclosure services. Our sturdy enclosures not only keep your waste area secure but also contribute to a cleaner appearance.

Sports Field Fencing

Define and secure sports areas with our sports field fencing solutions. From baseball fields to soccer pitches, our fences are designed to withstand the demands of athletic activities.

Erosion Control Fencing

Combat soil erosion on your commercial property with our erosion control fencing. Our solutions provide stability to slopes and prevent erosion, protecting the integrity of your landscape.

Windbreak Fencing

Shield your property from strong winds with our windbreak fencing. Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, our fences offer effective wind protection without compromising on style.

Trellises and Arbors

Add a touch of elegance to your commercial property with our trellises and arbors. These decorative structures not only enhance the landscape but also provide functional support for climbing plants.

Fencing for Tennis Courts

Create a professional and secure environment for tennis enthusiasts with our specialized tennis court fencing. Our designs prioritize safety and visibility, ensuring an optimal playing experience.

Commercial Aluminum Fence

Combine durability and style with our commercial aluminum fences. These fences offer a modern and sleek appearance, making them an ideal choice for commercial properties.

Our Specialized Fencing Services in Moore Farm (75007)

Barbed Wire Fence

Secure your property with our barbed wire fencing solutions. Designed for maximum security, our barbed wire fences are an effective deterrent against intruders.

Custom Fencing

Bring your unique vision to life with our custom fencing services. Our team works closely with you to design and install a fence that perfectly suits your preferences and requirements.

Post and Rail Fencing

Achieve a classic and rustic look with our post and rail fencing. Ideal for agricultural and rural properties, these fences provide both function and aesthetic appeal.

Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Protect your farm and livestock with our durable farm and agricultural fencing. From boundary fences to livestock enclosures, we provide solutions that prioritize the safety of your animals.

Deer Fencing

Prevent deer damage to your property with our specialized deer fencing. Our fences are designed to deter deer and safeguard your landscape, gardens, and crops.

Fencing for Special Events

Ensure security and crowd control for special events with our temporary fencing solutions. Our versatile and sturdy fences provide a reliable barrier for concerts, fairs, and more.

Fence Painting or Staining

Enhance the longevity and appearance of your fence with our professional fence painting or staining services. Choose from a variety of colors and finishes to match your property’s aesthetic.

Cost of Fencing in Moore Farm (75007)

Investing in quality fencing is an investment in the security and aesthetics of your property. The cost of fencing varies based on factors such as material, design, and size.

At Fence Company Carrollton TX, we offer transparent pricing and detailed quotes to help you make informed decisions. Contact us for a personalized estimate tailored to your specific fencing needs in the 75006 area.

Our Fencing Process

At Fence Company Carrollton TX, we believe in a seamless and customer-centric fencing process.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, our dedicated team ensures transparency, communication, and quality at every step.

  1. Consultation: We begin by understanding your fencing needs and preferences through a detailed consultation. Our experts provide valuable insights and recommendations based on your property and requirements.
  2. Design: Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, our team creates a customized design that aligns with your aesthetic and functional goals. We present you with a detailed plan and address any concerns or modifications you may have.
  3. Materials Selection: Choose from a wide range of high-quality materials, each offering unique benefits. Whether it’s the warmth of wood, the durability of aluminum, or the low maintenance of vinyl, we have the perfect material for your project.
  4. Installation: Our skilled and experienced team executes the installation with precision and efficiency. We prioritize timelines and ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine during the process.
  5. Quality Check: Before handing over the completed project, we conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that every element of the fence meets our high standards. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your fence are our top priorities.
  6. Final Inspection: We walk you through the finished project, addressing any final questions or adjustments. Your feedback is important, and we strive to exceed your expectations.
  7. Maintenance Guidance: To prolong the life of your fence, we provide maintenance tips and guidance. Our goal is to ensure that your investment continues to add value to your property for years to come.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing customized fences of all styles to meet clients’ desires.


Every fence we create is customized to the property, landscape, and design goals using precise 3D modelling and planning.

Quality Materials

We only source sturdy, weather-resistant materials from trustworthy local suppliers to withstand Texas weather.

Professional Installation

Our professional installation team precisely builds fences on-site to transforming the property as envisioned.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is customer happiness; we provide 5-star service throughout the fencing process.


We offer competitive fencing prices paired with a lifetime workmanship warranty, demonstrating our value.


What types of fencing materials do you offer ?

At Fence Company Carrollton TX, we offer a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, and more. Each material has its unique advantages, and we can help you choose the best one for your needs.

How long does the fence installation process take?

The timeline for installation depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the project. During the consultation, we provide an estimated timeline and keep you informed throughout the process.

What are the regulations for pool fencing?

Pool fencing regulations vary, and compliance is crucial for safety. We stay updated on local regulations and ensure that our pool fencing solutions meet all necessary requirements.

Do you offer custom fencing designs?

Yes, we specialize in custom fencing designs. Our team works closely with clients to create unique and personalized fences that match their vision and preferences.

Can you repair a damaged fence?

Absolutely. Our experienced team is equipped to handle fence repairs, addressing issues such as damage from weather, accidents, or general wear and tear.

What is the lifespan of different fencing materials?

The lifespan varies based on the material. Wood fences typically last 15-20 years, vinyl can last 20-30 years, and aluminum fences have a lifespan of 20-25 years. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your fence.

How do I choose the right fence for privacy?

Our experts can guide you in choosing the right fence for privacy, considering factors such as height, material, and design. Vinyl and wood fences are popular choices for privacy.

Do you offer fencing solutions for commercial properties?

Yes, we provide a range of commercial fencing services, including security fencing, dumpster enclosures, and sports field fencing, tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial properties.

Can I paint or stain my fence?

Yes, we offer professional fence painting and staining services. This not only enhances the appearance of your fence but also provides additional protection against the elements.

What sets Fence Company Carrollton TX apart from other fencing companies?

Our commitment to quality, transparent pricing, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We prioritize communication, craftsmanship, and a seamless process to deliver fences that stand the test of time.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Carrollton, Texas

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These guys installed my new fence efficiently and with great attention to detail. The price was reasonable and the workmanship was excellent. Very pleased overall.
carol Alex

Carrollton, TX

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
We recently had a fence installed in our backyard and could not be happier with the results. The installers worked neatly and efficiently and completed the job to our exact specifications.
Mark Allen

Carrollton, TX

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
I received quotes from several fencing companies, but this one provided the best value overall in terms of price, responsiveness, and professionalism. The new fence looks wonderful.
Scott Handy

Carrollton, TX

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