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Erosion Fencing Company Near Carrollton, TX

Erosion can cause major damage to your property if left unchecked.

Our experienced team at Fence Company Carrollton TX specializes in providing customized erosion control fencing solutions to help prevent erosion and runoff on slopes or bare ground.

Erosion control fencing is a cost-effective way to stabilize soil, prevent sediment from leaving your property, and promote the establishment of vegetation.

Our fencing systems utilize durable materials and innovative techniques to withstand environmental factors and maximize performance.

We offer multiple fencing options including silt fence, compost filter socks, and straw wattles to match your site’s specific needs.

Our erosion control experts will assess your unique landscape, soil type, slope grade, and vegetation goals to design a fencing system tailored for your property in Carrollton and surrounding areas.

We handle the full project from start to finish – surveying the site, obtaining any necessary permits, installation, and maintenance.

Our fencing promotes the accumulation of leaves, sediment and other organic debris to build healthy soil while allowing water to seep through. This helps establish vegetation, prevent runoff, and restore bare or disturbed areas.

With over 10 years of experience providing trusted erosion control solutions in North Texas, you can count on our team to get the job done right.

Contact Fence Company Carrollton TX today to schedule a complimentary site evaluation and quote for a custom erosion control fencing solution!

Process We Follow for Erosion Fencing

Installing effective erosion control fencing requires expertise, planning, quality materials, and proper technique. Here is an overview of our process:

Site Evaluation and Planning

The first step our team will complete is a thorough evaluation of your property. We inspect the topography, measure slope grades, identify drainage patterns, assess soil types, and note any vegetation or obstructions.

This allows us to determine the optimal fencing type and layout to contain sediment and prevent runoff based on your site’s unique conditions. Proper planning is crucial prior to installation.

Permit Acquisition

Based on the scope and location of your project, permits may be required from the city or county prior to installing erosion control fencing. Our team will submit the necessary permit applications and drawings to obtain approval if needed. This helps ensure the project meets all requirements and codes.

Material Selection

We utilize heavy-duty materials designed specifically for erosion and sediment control applications. Options include:

  • Silt Fence Fabric – Durable synthetic nylon-reinforced fabric allows water to seep through while containing soil particles.
  • Compost Filter Sock – Mesh tubes filled with compost filter and trap sediment while allowing drainage.
  • Straw Wattles – Tubes stuffed with rice, wheat, or coconut straw matrix that retain sediment.

Our experts will select the optimal materials for your site’s soil type, slope grade, and vegetation goals.

Fence Installation

Proper installation technique is vital for the fence to function effectively. Our team will:

  • Dig 6-8 inch deep trenches along the proposed fencing line.
  • Install support posts spaced 5-7 feet apart depending on fencing type.
  • Unroll and position fencing material along uphill side of posts.
  • Fasten fencing securely to posts with zip ties, twine, or staking.
  • Backfill trenches to anchor fabric fencing into ground.
  • Overlap ends of fencing like shingles to prevent bypass.
  • Miter corners to prevent gaps where fencing changes direction.

Inspection and Maintenance

We will inspect the fencing after installation and after storm events to check for any needed repairs. Routine maintenance such as removing accumulated sediment is part of our service to maintain proper function. The fencing will remain in place until vegetation is established.

When you choose Fence Company Carrollton TX for your erosion control fencing project, you can rely on proper planning, expert installation, quality materials, and ongoing maintenance for optimal effectiveness. Contact us today!

Cost of Erosion Fencing in Carrollton, TX

The cost of erosion control fencing depends on several factors:

  • Type of fencing material – Silt fence fabric tends to be the most economical option. Compost filter socks and straw wattles cost more.
  • Total linear footage needed – The longer the fence line, the higher the cost.
  • Slope grade and terrain – Steep slopes or rocky ground increase labor and materials.
  • Permit fees – Some projects require permits which add to the cost.
  • Site access – Difficult access for equipment adds labor costs.

To give you an idea, here are some typical price ranges:

  • Silt fence installation runs $3 – $7 per linear foot depending on site factors.
  • Compost filter socks cost $6 – $12 per linear foot installed.
  • Straw wattles average $4 – $8 per linear foot.

Keep in mind prices can vary regionally as well. To get an accurate quote tailored to your specific project, contact Fence Company Carrollton TX for an on-site evaluation!

Our team provides competitive pricing and works with your budget. Rest assured we will implement the most effective and affordable erosion control solution for your unique property.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing customized fences of all styles to meet clients’ desires.


Every fence we create is customized to the property, landscape, and design goals using precise 3D modelling and planning.

Quality Materials

We only source sturdy, weather-resistant materials from trustworthy local suppliers to withstand Texas weather.

Professional Installation

Our professional installation team precisely builds fences on-site to transforming the property as envisioned.

Customer Satisfaction

Our top priority is customer happiness; we provide 5-star service throughout the fencing process.


We offer competitive fencing prices paired with a lifetime workmanship warranty, demonstrating our value.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Carrollton, Texas

FAQs About Erosion Fencing in Carrollton, Texas

How long does erosion control fencing last?

The fencing materials are designed to last 1-3 years until vegetation can be established. With proper installation and maintenance, some systems can last longer in certain conditions.

Does erosion control fencing need to be removed?

Once vegetation is fully established, the fencing can be removed. We recommend leaving fully biodegraded straw wattles in place. Filter socks can also be left if properly slit.

What is the best material for erosion control fencing?

It depends on site conditions and goals. Silt fence fabric works for most applications. Filter socks provide extra filtration. Straw wattles excel at vegetation establishment. Our team will recommend the optimal material for your project.

How far apart are erosion control fence posts installed?

Typically support posts are spaced 5-7 feet apart depending on fencing type and soil conditions. Closer spacing adds stability on slopes or sandy/loose soil.

Can I install erosion control fencing myself?

You can but we recommend consulting an erosion control specialist. Improper installation can lead to fencing failure and additional erosion. Our team has the technical expertise.

How do I know if I need erosion control fencing?

If you have a disturbed slope, bare dirt areas, drainage issues, or active erosion, fencing can help. Our team performs site evaluations to determine if fencing is recommended.

Does erosion control fencing help establish vegetation?

Yes! The fencing promotes accumulation of organic matter and protects seeds, allowing vegetation to germinate and roots to stabilize the soil.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Periodic inspection, sediment removal, repair of any damage. Our team performs maintenance as needed to keep the fencing working properly.

Can I install erosion control fence myself and then have your team do maintenance?

We recommend full project oversight to ensure proper installation. But we can discuss providing just maintenance if you prefer to DIY.

Will the fencing divert water and cause other erosion problems?

No, our team plans the layout carefully to allow natural drainage patterns without diversion. The fence contains erosion without displacing it.

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