Getting Around Carrollton’s Roadways: A Local’s Guide

As one of the largest suburbs in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area, Carrollton has an extensive network of roads facilitating travel within the city and connecting to surrounding areas.

With a population of over 130,000 residents, these roadways see plenty of daily traffic. This local’s guide provides helpful information for navigating Carrollton’s various thoroughfares.

Highway Corridors

Several major highways run through or border Carrollton, handling high volumes of regional traffic:

Interstate 35E

I-35E is a key north-south interstate connecting Carrollton with Dallas and Denton. Within the city, there are exits at Belt Line Road, Hebron Parkway, Crosby Road, and Trinity Mills Road. I-35E merges with I-635 as it passes through Carrollton.

Key facts:

  • Speed limit: 60 mph
  • Number of lanes: Up to 10
  • Major destinations accessible: Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth

President George Bush Turnpike

Also known as State Highway 190, this is a 30-mile tollway managed by the North Texas Tollway Authority. It’s an east-west highway connecting Carrollton to Garland, Plano, and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport among other locales.

Exits in Carrollton include Josey Lane, Old Denton Road, and Trinity Mills Road.

Key facts:

  • Speed limit: Up to 65 mph
  • Number of lanes: 4 to 6
  • Tolls: Vary based on distance traveled
  • Major destinations accessible: Garland, Plano, DFW Airport

Major Arterial Streets & Roadways

In addition to highways, Carrollton relies on a network of arterial streets and roads designed to move large amounts of traffic through suburban areas. These range from six-lane divided roads to smaller four-lane undivided roads.

Josey Lane

Josey Lane is one of the most prominent north-south arterial roads on the city’s east side. It runs parallel to I-35E, facilitating regional travel and access between Carrollton neighborhoods.

Key intersections include Keller Springs Road, Trinity Mills Road, Crosby Road, and Belt Line Road. Josey Lane continues north into unincorporated areas of Denton County.

Key facts:

  • Number of lanes: 4 to 6
  • Speed limit: 40-45 mph
  • Key intersections: Keller Springs Road, Trinity Mills Road, Crosby Road, Belt Line Road

Old Denton Road

Old Denton forms part of a heavily traveled corridor through north Carrollton, parallel to I-35E. To the south, it provides access to retail including the Carrollton Town Center. North towards Denton it continues as FM 1173.

Key facts:

  • Number of lanes: 4
  • Speed limit: 40 mph
  • Key intersections: Frankford Road, Trinity Mills Road, Hebron Parkway

Marsh Lane

Marsh Lane is a primary east-west arterial serving central Carrollton neighborhoods. It connects with I-35E and also provides access across north Dallas via the Dallas North Tollway. Within Carrollton, key intersections include Old Denton Road, Kelly Boulevard, and Midway Road among others.

Key facts:

  • Number of lanes: 4 to 6
  • Speed limit: 40 mph
  • Key intersections: Old Denton, Kelly Blvd, Midway Road

Navigating Neighborhood Streets & Roads

Carrollton’s street network also includes many smaller roads facilitating local neighborhood access:

Residential Streets

Most neighborhoods in Carrollton consist of winding residential streets ending in cul-de-sacs or looping back to reconnect with major roads.

These areas have speed limits of 30 mph or less and consist of two undivided lanes facilitating access to houses, townhomes, and apartments. It’s important to watch carefully for pedestrians and other cars pulling out of driveways on these roads.

Bluffview Boulevard

Bluffview Boulevard makes up part of a scenic loop through the Bluffview neighborhood adjacent to the Elm Fork Nature Preserve, near Old Denton Road and Trinity Mills Road. It provides access to homes in the area. A bike lane runs along portions of the road as well.

Key facts:

  • Speed limit: 30 mph
  • Number of lanes: 2

Midway Road

Midway Road is an important north-south thoroughfare passing through older central Carrollton neighborhoods full of established single-family homes.

South of Belt Line, Midway Road extends all the way into North Dallas. Along its route, Midway features lane expansions to accommodate turn lanes at larger intersections.

Key facts:

  • Speed limit: 35-40 mph
  • Number of lanes: 4 to 6

Navigating Carrollton’s Road System

With highways, major roads, and neighborhood streets all woven together, navigating Carrollton may seem complex to newcomers. Here are some key tips for getting around:

Use Highways for Cross-Town Travel

I-35E and the President George Bush Turnpike facilitate rapid travel over longer distances connecting Carrollton to neighboring suburbs. Use these highways when traveling greater than 2-3 miles within the region. Be aware of tolls on the PGBT.

Utilize Main Arterials to Access Key Areas

Major streets like Josey Lane, Old Denton Road, and Marsh Lane serve as the backbone of the city’s transportation network. If trying to reach retailers, employment centers, or residential neighborhoods quickly, these wider multi-lane roads are your friend.

Get Familiar with Residential Areas

Within local neighborhoods, narrow and winding roads with lower speed limits prevail. Allow more time for travel through subdivisions. Watch carefully for pedestrians, animals, and other cars entering/exiting driveways or side streets.

Save Gas and Park Once

To avoid unnecessary driving and parking hassles, consider exploring Carrollton neighborhoods and shopping/dining areas on foot once you’ve arrived.

The city has worked to establish pedestrian accessibility for this reason. Consider using ride-sharing apps if drinking alcohol.

Additional Transportation Options

Beyond just navigating roads, Carrollton offers some additional transportation choices:

Public Transit with DART

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) authority operates several bus routes through Carrollton that provide connections to the broader region. Fares and schedules can be found at

Bike Lanes & Trails

For shorter trips around neighborhoods like Bluffview, Carrollton has designated some low-traffic roads as bike routes with specific lanes. The city also has an expanding network of dedicated hike and bike trails, especially following creeks and greenbelt areas.

Ride-Sharing Services

Carrollton residents regularly use Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare apps for carpool trips where driving themselves is inconvenient or impossible.

This is a popular option for groups exploring dining and entertainment around town (especially with alcohol involved). Pricing varies based on distance traveled and demand at time of booking a ride.

Final Tips for Navigating Carrollton

As you drive, bike, walk, and ride around the City of Carrollton, keep these final reminders in mind:

  • Allow extra time for travel during AM and PM peak periods when roads are most congested
  • Bring cash for tolls on highways like the PGBT
  • Obey all posted speed limits (enforcement is stringent!)
  • Use navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze to plan routes and receive helpful updates
  • Be extra alert and yield carefully when changing lanes or making left turns

We hope this local guide gives you a better sense of how to confidently get around Carrollton. As with any new city, it may take time to get perfectly acclimated to the nuances of our road system.

But folks here are friendly and helpful – don’t hesitate to ask questions if you get turned around or confused!

  • Major highways (I-35E, President George Bush Turnpike)
  • Main arterial streets and roadways (Josey Lane, Old Denton Road, Marsh Lane)
  • Neighborhood streets and roads (residential areas, Bluffview Boulevard, Midway Road)
  • Tips for navigating the road system
  • Additional transportation options (public transit, bike lanes/trails, ride-sharing)
  • Final tips for driving in Carrollton

I exhausted the information I have on this specific topic. To continue generating more content, I would need more specific direction about what additional information you are looking for in relation to the roadways, streets, and transportation infrastructure of Carrollton. Some examples of details that could help me continue:

  • History of major highway projects
  • Traffic volume statistics and data
  • Information on planned future expansions and roadwork
  • Details on public transportation ridership and routes
  • Infrastructure funding sources and budgets
  • Analysis of walkability/bikeability
  • Role of highways in shaping city development
  • Transportation safety data and issues

Without additional guidance about a specific sub-topic or angle to pursue, I unfortunately do not have enough background to keep writing new unique content about Carrollton’s roads.

Please let me know if you have a particular aspect in mind that I can expand on further!

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  • Take the highway 75 North from Dallas toward Oklahoma. After about 10 miles, take exit 29A toward Belt Line Road. Merge onto Belt Line Road and continue for 3 miles. Turn left onto Old Denton Road and continue for half a mile. Turn right onto Verlaine Drive. 2002 Verlaine Dr will be on your right. The total drive is about 15 miles.
  • From Dallas, head west on Interstate 635 W. Take exit 17 from I-635 W to merge onto TX-121 N/Sam Rayburn Tollway toward DFW Airport/Lewisville. Continue on TX-121 N for about 10 miles then use the 2 right lanes to take exit 28A for TX-114 W toward Southlake. Continue onto TX-114 W for about 6 miles then use the left 2 lanes to take exit 43 for TX-121 N toward Grapevine/DFW Int’l Airport. Take that road for 2.5 miles then use the right 3 lanes to take exit 23A to merge onto TX-121 N/TX-26 W. In 1 mile, use the 2nd from the right lane to take exit 26A toward E Belt Line Rd/FM-2499. Stay straight to go onto William D Tate Ave then turn left onto Old Denton Rd. After half a mile, turn right onto Verlaine Dr. 2002 Verlaine Dr is on the right just after Rembrandt Dr. Total drive is around 25 miles.
  • Start out going northwest on Live Oak St toward Pacific Ave for 0.3 miles. Use the left lane to turn left onto north Pacific Ave. Continue on Pacific Ave to US-75 N. Merge onto US-75 N toward Sherman. Take exit 29 for Belt Line Rd. Turn right onto Belt Line Rd. Turn left onto Old Denton Rd and continue for half a mile. Turn right onto Verlaine Dr. 2002 Verlaine Dr is on your right. The total drive is just over 15 miles.